The math STAAR is here, and it follows the writing STAAR. The test is going to be easy for one reason. If we were to range the difficulty of problems 1-10, my teacher teaches us at a 9. The STAAR is going to test at a 5 so to speak. I’m going to get commended on this test, I’m sure.


In AV(audio video) we are making our own webpage using HTML code. HTML is a format using tags like <body></body> and <heading></heading> to create a webpage. Once I can link my webpage I will. Maybe check it out when you can!

Band Rehersal

EVERY day we’re in school and it’s not a half day, the Liberty Band is rehearsing. Our school schedule has lunch in 5th period, and band class is in 5th period. Every day we have to learn, refine and tweak all of our music for an hour and a half.


Some 9-year old demon possessed me and forced me to look at Minecraft song paradies. One of them was on the parody of the song “Heathens” by 21 Pilots. It was so bad that I cant describe how much it hurts my soul. I’ll just link it

First Saturday School

At 8 my parents forced me to wake up and go to Saturday School. The math STAAR is on Wednesday and my parents want me to be prepared. I thought it was a waste of time because I’ve gotten commended on all of my math STAARs. What can you do right?

That’s Totally Bananas!!

After Pre-UIL(which we rocked) all of the band kids ate lunch at around 1 pm. A bunch of us didn’t want to go back to class so we found ways to stall our return. One of the best ways was bananas. Almost 50 bananas sat atop the table, donated from kids that didn’t want theirs. So until about 1:45, all my friends and I were doing was eating bananas.


Some of you might remember my post about UIL a couple weeks back, mentioning that the orchestra kids were at UIL and the class half full. Well tomorrow, band has their Pre-UIL, and I’m super nervous. On top of all of the music that I have to play right, I also have to find all of my uniform too! All I know is that tomorrow is going to be a blur…

10 Best Places to Eat(For real

Yesterday’s list was just a joke, I actually hate McDonald’s a lot. Today’s list is going to be a REAL list of my favorite places to eat. Please keep in mind that this is just my opinion.

Haystack’s-Cray menu with lots of options

Fish Shack-Great Grilled Fish

Del’s Charcoal Burgers-EVERYTHING GOOD

Ifratelli Pizza-Square pizza done right

1050 BBQ-Savory Sauce compliments the juicy meat

Best places to eat

So this is a list of my favorite places to eat in order or AMAZING FOOD to still good food.

Mcdonalds,Mcdonalds,Mcdonalds,Mcdonalds,Mcdonalds,Mcdonalds,Mcdonalds,Mcdonalds,Mcdonalds,Mcdonalds,Mcdonalds,Mcdonalds,Mcdonalds,Mcdonalds,Mcdonalds,Mcdonalds,Mcdonalds,Mcdonalds,Mcdonalds,vMcdonalds,Mcdonalds,Mcdonalds,Mcdonalds,Mcdonalds,Mcdonalds,Mcdonalds,Mcdonalds,Mcdonalds,Mcdonalds and more Mcdonalds.

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